Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1

Today starts a new month! The first day of the second month...of year five being a mother. Phew. Makes me want to go back to sleep.... :) On the other hand, I'm sorda lonely here in the early morning with just my thoughts. Sometimes the voices in my head are louder than the kids. At least the kids give me some direction. My 'head-echoes' are often frantic and disorganized.

We have a very busy day today. Leaving the house by 8 (hopefully) to make our way down to Loudoun for a kid 'drop-off' & then on to an important appointment for C. We have to check on his ITP. Hope everything goes as planned and I remember all my questions. What should I be asking? How firm should I be? They know very little about ITP - ugh. Makes for difficult decisions.

So - today I will try to live in my brain -- be pragmatic, with a hint of heart. If I lead with my emotions today I'm sure to forget something. So - today is a day of thought. Clear, direct, problem-solving thought. I'll try not to yell. I'll give the kids clear expectations of appropriate behavior at Grammie's (last time they sort of destroyed the house.) I wouldn't accept that behavior at home, why do I find it ok there?? Probably because I can 'check-out' at her house. She gives them rules (or not) and puts on her grammie hat. I get to take those long overdue breaks on the couch and read a quick article in People. Oh how I love reading those quick stories.

I'll close for now. 90 minutes or so before I need all four, plus the dog, loaded in the van and headed down the road. I don't need to do much - grammie is providing breakfast and entertainment - but if the kids wake up during these lovely few minutes of inner thought, I'm sure to be discombobulated. Is that even a word?

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