Friday, March 28, 2014

Curious Observer

Here in the southern part of the Northeast, because apparently Virginia is part of the South, we've had numerous March snowstorms. It's enough to make someone crazy. I'm already crazy so...I felt quite at home. 


I wrote this one mild morning. The birds were loud, the breeze was nice, and mother nature was sending us 8" of snow later that night. It was crazy-making. Trust me.

Writing outside this morning.
The dog searches for new smells.
Smells brought from the darkness of night,
newly emerged from a thawing Earth.
Geese in the distance,
communicating with the truest GPS.
and blue jays
sing across the yards.
The train moans in the background.
The air is mild - a glimpse between seasons.
A snapshot of balance.
We c-r-e-e-p into the warmth of Spring.
We tip...toe towards a closer sun.
With snow in the forecast I default to my trust.
My trust that Mother Nature knows best.
This is her plan;
her divine creation;
her artistic attitude unfolding.
She withholds the full display of Spring.
I hold her wisdom paramount.
I am a curious observer.
Interested in her dance -
the long stillness of Winter,
with the faint strokes of Spring color.
Solitude - Fellowship.
Barren - Fertile.
Death - Life.
Winter - Spring.

We are all simply curious observers.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pay It Forward

My friend Amy, over at mamascout has her Dream Lab coming up in April. This lab is amazing, and has changed the way I think about dreaming! We aren't talking dreams of winning the lottery, or a dream that you get that brand new car. These are the big dreams. The silver lining, change your life, holy shit! kind of dreams.

And because I love her so much - and because she has taught me so much - I really want someone else to experience this Dream Lab, along with me...'cause I don't know that I'll ever miss ANY lab that Amy offers (but that's another post...) It's a sorda 'pay-it-forward' kind of thing. I've loved this experience and I want others to also!

So, in true 'Dream Lab' fashion...I threw my dream into the universe (ie. at Amy.) Apparently, she was on a dreamy little nature walk and caught my dream and encouraged me to grow it. you go. Read all about it here.

She sure threw me a whole lotta love! This lady, and her way of weaving together dreams, and stories, and support, and kindship, has changed my life. I am forever a better person for being part of her world. I love the idea of taking it beyond.

Be the change you want to see in the world, yo.

On a recent hike I looked at the sky and said, 'X marks the spot. There must be a treasure up there...' Without missing a beat Calum responds, 'I bet it's Mae Mae.' In January, we lost our precious dog of 12 years. It still hurts knowing she's not here.