Friday, January 25, 2013


Friday is about being grateful
seeing the little things
remembering to breathe
finding joy

it's been far too many weeks since my last post. we've passed through Thanksgiving, winter solstice, Christmas, New Years, a birthday. this year we created a 'doing wall' - a wall of wishes wills...all the things we WILL do this year, given we wake each day with breath in our bodies.
 i will write.
i will see the little things.
i will remember to breath. 
i will continue to find the joy.

dear us
never in my life would i have imagined our life as it is today.
never again will i imagine anything different. 
we were so young when we said YES to a life together.
i hope to be very old when we say our goodbyes.
we created this life.

dear holidays
our best yet.
we had three trees this year, including a white & pink one. 
i will always be in love with the glow of tree lights.
i wonder if they'd pull at my heart if we had them up all the time.
maybe one year we'll see. 

dear oliver
my youngest, if only by a minute.
half of the Odd Couple, an old man by nature...
always putting away your dirty clothes and wanting to wear a jacket.
your features haven't changed since you were growing in my belly.
you're my most predictable...thank you for this.

dear weekends, especially with the girls
we had a weekend recently with just the girls at home. 
we took lots of bubble baths.
we played dolls. 
we baked.
we made sweet little, delicate crafts, 
like these precious snowflakes.

dear sun
i love you.
i can't wait until you are closer to my part of the earth.
until then, i will wake early to see you rise,
and stop the chaos in the house when you're about to say goodnight,
as you paint the sky in such magical colors.

dear child, with iPad
i love going through my pictures after a day with you.
there is usually some surprise.
winter nights find me drinking tea at the end of a loud day.
i have to be careful not to spit it out across the room...
when i come across pictures like this.

dear life
 please continue.
i'm only just getting the hang of things. 


  1. What beauty. Much to be thankful for. xxoo

  2. I love how you arrange your words! I think you have just become my favorite poet.