Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Good Life 10.27.2013

the good life is about being grateful
  being present in the little things
remembering to breathe
resting in the seat of joy

it's Fall!
leaves are turning. mornings are CRISP COLD!
we're nearing the turn from hours upon hours outside, 
to hours - upon hours - inside.
it's an adjustment for all of us, and one that i only just realized.
Fall - the season of transition.
the season before the dormant.
the season to reflect on the bounty,
and prepare for the barren.
i love this season. 
through the death of life, 
comes the beauty in life. 
mother nature is so damn smart.

these four
these are the people that fill my day,
my hours, 
my minutes...
my moments.
these four are the reason there is little time for writing.
no time for writing, 
but abundant time for 
through them, i will live the life of my dreams...
dreams that have little to do with money,
or profession,
or location, 
or recognition.

 this is me, dreaming
yeh, what if?
what if it all turns to shit?
what if all my fears come true?
what if the world is that dark, scary, irrational 
pit of doom most of media wants me to believe?
what if?
or..... or..... or..... or.....
what if it turns out beautifully?
what if my fears can be given some space - 
a breath,
a thank you,
a 'don't worry - i've got this...'
what if i just don't listen to the 'pit of doom' coverage?
am i naive?
am i irresponsible?
is my head in the sand?
i'll just be here...
giving some space to my worries,
and witnessing them 
as they blur
into simple flashes of color and thoughts,
 as i dream of a life...
a life i am living.

this is how we do it
forget the lists.
forget the formality.
forget the measurements.
remember the fun.
remember the creativity.
remember the learning.
the learning
that happens
when you 
just live. 

thank you, mother nature
found on an old tree
lining the road to the farm.
a rolling road
that always gets the kids giggling when their bellies
head into their throats. 
most days i drive a little fast
on this back country road.
until now.
until we saw this.
this lichen.
it's magnificent.
as big as dinner plate, if not bigger.
amazing how it can be so strong,
yet so far out from the tree.
this lichen,
just reaching.
growing outward.
this is how i feel some days.
just reaching.
growing outward.
a solid connection to a grounded life,
but reaching just beyond...
 i love this lichen.

the small, in the big
someone recently reframed my thinking.
when things feel HUGE, find respite in the small.
when you are weighed down by the small,
find respite in the big.
the yin & yang of life.
i love seeing this in my day.
he may not be reading,
but he just offered his sister his love, and his hand.
she may still panic,
but she just told me exactly what i can do to ease her worries.
life goes fast.
life plays fierce - all for keeps!
some days you have to focus on that one small spot,
to regain your balance.
other days,
you simply have to throw yourself off that edge,
blissfully filled with the unknown.
these small, warm lights 
offering a gentle start...
to another big day.
the small, in my big.


it's a good life, in these moments.
in trying to understand myself,
while understanding my kids.
in trying to create a life for my family,
while making sure there is play-dough and paint.
in trying to breath,
while having my breath taken away.
such a lucky life.
it's a good life.