Monday, October 28, 2013

Don't Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle

 November 1 is like four days away. say what? november? 
chances of snow...
migrating groups of people moving to & fro, 
over mountains - through woods...
fowl, and expensive cheese...
marshmallows on casseroles, passing as a vegetable side-dish...
however you celebrate, 
the holiday season is patiently waiting for the mass-confusion of halloween to end,
so that it may show up, 
clean house,
start a warm fire,
and settle in for the foreseeable future.  
i don't get real caught-up in the holiday drama. i can't. it would make my head explode.
i haven't seen the inside of a mall at holiday-time since i was pregnant with my first.
shopping isn't my thing. 
amazon is my thing. and the local specialty shop down the street.
but we don't stand in line for Santa.
we DO bake for our neighbors, 
and one afternoon in early December we pile everything into a basket 
and go house to house.
we don't travel any further than our family room on Christmas morning.
we've been known to take a spin through the neighborhood to see the holiday lights -
hot cocoa, blankets, carols on the radio, and 
the obligatory lecture about consumerism and electricity waste.
i love this time of year. 
it's magical.
with the twinkling lights.
the damp, cold nights. 
small trees in the kids' rooms.
i'm excited. 
 this year, our holiday season will start with a little 'behind the scenes' gift for me. 
starting next week, i'll be participating in the highly anticipated holiday e-lab, hosted by Amy over at mamascout.

 i've participated in a handful of Amy's courses, including A Book About Me. 
the A Book About Me course, in particular, was a turning point for me. 
picture this -
 a group of saged women,
deeply supportive, 
and connected.
all showing up to bear witness to one another, 
and our respective processes.
i've made friendships through this course that have taken me into places of my soul i never really knew were there. it's a good thing. a really good thing.  

the holiday e-lab promises to be another journey of connection. 
of opening up. bearing witness.
 reflecting on what is working, what isn't, and how we can EACH manifest the 
spirit, and
we desire for this particularly 'charged' time of year.

here's how Amy describes it...

What is this?  Daily emails and creative challenges, Facebook camaraderie, and support from me will help you set intentions for what you hope to create this holiday season. We will cover ways to prepare for the holidays, ideas for clearing space (mental and physical), simplifying gift giving, dealing with family struggles, honoring nature through solstice celebrations, ways to give back to your community and more.  The key is to think, write and communicate with others NOW so you can have the calm, restorative, creative season YOU want.

 to say i'd pretty much follow Amy into any course, any process, 
any experience she puts forth, 
is an understatement. 
i recently took her dream course. i went into that experience pretty aloof;
i just wanted to be among the caliber of women Amy draws with these courses. 
in true form, i walked away from that course a changed person, 
now better able to articulate and envision my dreams.
and to see a truth --  many of my dreams are manifesting and 
showing themselves in my life, as i write this.

 i hold close to heart the support and clarity Amy offers during her courses. 
i am a better mother, a better wife, and a better Self, 
simply by doing these interesting and thought-provoking courses.
and this holiday lab just looks fun!

Amy is only hosting her holiday e-lab once this year. and it starts on November 4.
i'll see you there.
and if you haven't ever visited the mamascout blog,
may i suggest you do so.
mama power!!
a good mama bringing out the good
in other mamas!



  1. Love this! You are right when you say Amy draws amazing women to her labs. I can't wait for my 3rd lab with her and all of the other amazing women. Holiday E-Lab! Yay!

    1. I get something new from each lab. It's really a treasured part of my life, right now! Glad to hear you'll be along for the experience, Chrissy!

  2. Oh Goody, you both are taking the Holiday Lab!!! I have people I know there!!! And you are so right, she does draw some amazing women together!

    1. Ha, Christine! Do you feel like you're walking into a room with people you don't know?! I suspect we'll see some other familiar faces!