Friday, July 20, 2012

My favorite part

Handmade bobbins for Ella's sewing kit
What is my favorite part of the 'unschooling/homeschooling/interest-led' life? Getting to just say yes, in the interest of learning.

Here are a few pictures to describe what we've said 'yes' to today.

And it's my belief, the more I say yes, the easier the no's will be. I'm building confident, self-assured children that believe in themselves. If I said no to all their ideas, wouldn't this teach them that their ideas aren't any good?! Saying yes to painting, or creating, or constructing is very, very different than saying yes to poor behavior, disrespectful actions, or material 'wants.' 

How do you view the word 'yes' in your house? Is it 'yes' when it meets your needs AND the kids' needs? How many yes's are allowed that completely trump your need for cleanliness, organization, &/or control?

It's a 'yes' kind of mood over here.

Handpainted tree for our family tree project
Creative painting before lunch
The start to some cookies
The stacking of mattresses - I have no idea why


  1. Your home is obviously one filled with joy...most of the time :)

  2. I'm really delighted by this post!

    I, too, am learning more and more to let go of neat and orderly expectations in order to allow a more creative flow of ideas.

    It's really great to participate with my children & when we are "in the flow" together there is usually less friction and more cooperation!