Sunday, May 20, 2012

Proof positive

Here's a short little list of things I've been present for, since leaving the Facebook. And four examples of how a may have been the worst parent in the world, but I'm improving...

1. Eating breakfast outside two mornings in a row....and being 'present' for the goofy conversations that occur during my kids' breakfasts. Yesterday we named a new mammal - poopopotamus. Kin to the hippopotamus but with less hip, and more poop.

2. Spontaneously playing late into the evening with the kids - they weren't too sure what was going on and didn't trust my imagination. 'Why aren't you making us go to bed now?....' I was given a plastic dog to play with but soon graduated to the plastic people and was accepted into the whole, wonderful plastic community. Our family of plastic people explored far off planets and acquired many vehicles. When I asked how we paid for these vehicles, and space travel, Ella told me that no one worked in our family, but instead inherited all our good fortune from others. interesting take on things, but I went with the plot.

3. Scooping up a tired and emotional 3-yr old and reading a book to her. Then getting lost in her imagination as we lay on her bed, looking at the ceiling.

Lastly, 4. Hearing that I'm a princess from the youngest male. (swoon.)

It's not that I was missing these sweet moments because I was sitting in front of the computer all day, with these moments happening around me. Nah...these moments unfolded because I was more present to the kids, and wasn't as worried about all the other details in the house (laundry, dishes, bed sheets) because I had plenty of time to do everything I needed to do.

It may sound ridiculous to all of you - shit, it sounds ridiculous to me. But it's true. Breaking away from the constant stream of information, status updates, bejeweled scores, 'likes', music selections, etc etc. feels really, really good.

And lookie here, I have two little people needing some juice....and perhaps a bath. Gotta scoot :)

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