Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pay It Forward

My friend Amy, over at mamascout has her Dream Lab coming up in April. This lab is amazing, and has changed the way I think about dreaming! We aren't talking dreams of winning the lottery, or a dream that you get that brand new car. These are the big dreams. The silver lining, change your life, holy shit! kind of dreams.

And because I love her so much - and because she has taught me so much - I really want someone else to experience this Dream Lab, along with me...'cause I don't know that I'll ever miss ANY lab that Amy offers (but that's another post...) It's a sorda 'pay-it-forward' kind of thing. I've loved this experience and I want others to also!

So, in true 'Dream Lab' fashion...I threw my dream into the universe (ie. at Amy.) Apparently, she was on a dreamy little nature walk and caught my dream and encouraged me to grow it. you go. Read all about it here.

She sure threw me a whole lotta love! This lady, and her way of weaving together dreams, and stories, and support, and kindship, has changed my life. I am forever a better person for being part of her world. I love the idea of taking it beyond.

Be the change you want to see in the world, yo.

On a recent hike I looked at the sky and said, 'X marks the spot. There must be a treasure up there...' Without missing a beat Calum responds, 'I bet it's Mae Mae.' In January, we lost our precious dog of 12 years. It still hurts knowing she's not here.


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