Monday, July 6, 2009

The Death talk - to a four year old

Ok - so when we went out today Ella saw a cemetery and started asking questions. Three hours later we're still talking about death. What it means to be dead. Where you go when you die. When will I die? Who died today. Who will die tomorrow. I used the example of my grandmother dying to help Ella understand. So now - three hours later - Ell is reassuring me that even though my Grandma is 'died' she still loves me. And she just now asked, 'Are beetles eating your Grandma up?'

To be continued....

Moving on from the death talk - Calum sprayed Oliver in the face/body today with the hose. We were all out 'cleaning' the playhouse, Calum got ahold of the hose. Not a bad thing except for the infant babies unaware of their fate, swinging away in summer bliss. I guess Oliver looked in need of a spray - he was soaked and screamed bloody murder. Thankfully he recovered quickly as soon as I rescued him from the typhoon.

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  1. And so it starts.....................I am on the floor laughing.