Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Blog

With my friends as inspiration I've decided to start blogging. I realize my computer time is now much more limited than ever before but so is my time to chat on the phone. I'm hoping my blog will help document my days (& not in a Jon & Kate 'document our lives' kind of way --- I'll try to keep the Winchester paparazzi down to a minimum.) Hopefully the blog will help family & friends whom I'm less able to keep up with, keep up with me and my family.

So - as I write my first blog I look out the window and see Ella & Calum out in the street riding their bikes. Adam is there talking with a neighbor while wearing, yes I said wearing, Oliver. He has started to wear the babies in the wraps to save my back a little. I appreciate his help and any respite I can get from carrying both of them -- one is in the front and one hangs out back. I may not give them as much individualized attention as I once gave Ella and Calum as babies but I do wear these two ALOT more than the others. I'm hoping that balances things out a bit.

Calum learned to swing on the 'big boy' swing for the first time this 4th of July weekend. So proud. And Ella has spent most of her weekend in the pool. Every day it's something new for the two of them. We're discovering that Calum gets in trouble when he gets tired so a few minutes in his room usually turns into a short nap - just enough rest to get him to bedtime. They're so wonderful - and I'm very proud of them. Ella just wants to help these days. Today it was the laundry though she realized her lap was too small for folding a towel so proceeded to fold it on the ground. We were outside in the yard.... I just looked up at Adam and remarked that I'll need to redefine my thoughts about what's 'clean.' I love this reworking of ideas - this organic way of living. Find what works for the day and go with it but no strings attached. I woke up yesterday so grumpy and spent an hour grousing (word?) at the kids. When my mood finally lifted I felt it important to apologize to the kids for my grumbling. Maybe this will teach them that it's ok & natural to sometimes be angry for no reason, but it's not ok to treat others in a mean way. No ones perfect.

Well - we've managed 11 weeks as a family of 6. Eleven? or Twelve. Hold on. I need to check. TWELVE!! My babies are twelve weeks old. OMG. Oh - how sweet. I need to re-lable some of the pictures I took today. Ha - my brain on six. It's not a brain on drugs it's just a brain on 6. Six Levy's in this house. Couldn't be a luckier number.


  1. Isn't this so much better than email? :) I am sure it is more efficient, atleast. Brady asked about Ella today -- he does on occasion. How's Calum language-development-wise? Des only has a few things to say, usually pointing at things, no sentences yet...

  2. Welcome to blogging! I look forward to reading your posts. In a year or so, you'll look back and it'll be a nice little journal to have.

    I'm totally with you on the "what works" aspect, as well as the "no body's perfect". I think it is the perfect way to teach them.

    BIG HUG!

  3. Totally better than e/mail! We do need to get the kids together...and I miss talking with you. We have nothing planned this week, except for Friday. And next week is wide open too. I can fill the pool up.

    And as for language - Calum has only just started. He's very verbal, just not with many words, but they're coming together more for him now. His sister does all the talking.

  4. Such an adorable family.....and hehehehehe........they are mine!!!!!

  5. Yes!!! I am home until Friday. I am taking the kids to Rodanthe for a beach trip for a couple of days... I am taking the 8 hour drive solo. I guess there's a first time for everything :) If you are free this week - we're here. Or next week after Wednesday? Lemme know! I wonder if Ella will remember Brady and run in the other direction! He misses her so.

  6. What about Thursday? Sometime mid-morning/late-morning. Bring some lunch - we could order out like old times?

  7. This Thursday works. I can pick something up. What are you in the mood for?