Monday, March 14, 2011

Um...What? Freudian Slip?

Ha ha. I thought to take a second and write out some of these thoughts of mine. I had to sign-in to the blogger website. Our blog name is 'The Levy 6', I mis-typed....The Levy 8. Nope. This isn't some crafty way of announcing anything. Just a slip of the fingers...funny a sick sort of way.

It's Monday - post Japan earthquake. In the midst of several nuclear meltdowns, rising death tolls, ravaged country, our lives go on. We complain about the weather, the traffic, our kids, gas prices. Etc. Etc. I would like to complain...about complaining. Don't worry - I do my fair share. I'm not perfect. Wouldn't even like to be perfect. It doesn't allow for change. Perfection is the end state - there's no going up, or over, or down, or across. There's no going anywhere from perfection. Imperfection provides the better life. We can live with imperfection. We can BE imperfect. Phew. The pressure of perfection is heavier than the pressure of raising kids. Life ain't perfect. Thankfully.

So - these world disasters. The ones that have an effect on every single one of us...and if you think the threat of nuclear meltdowns and the shifting of the earth on its axis doesn't effect you, I'm not sure I want to know you...but these world disasters, these are what make us better. Or, perhaps, give us the potential of a better life. I always look In, and then Out. It may seem small, but I have a renewed commitment to 'Act Local, Think Global', and an ever-steadfast sense of reassuring peace, harmony, & joy within myself, seeping out to my children, and reaching out to my community.

The first plantings went into our garden the weekend. Ella proudly displayed her muddy hands and said, 'Daddy says I have a green thumb.' Calum later quoted his sister again by saying, 'the more mud, the better a time.' These children have such a burden to carry - the choices of today, my choices...your choices... With these choices comes such a responsibility. I'll visit our local farm this week, along with our Farmers Market. I'll take the kids. I'll continue to talk to them about our food, our needs, the needs of our neighbors. We'll visit the ranch when the weather remains warm. We'll create a dinner, or a breakfast, or a sweet treat with the bounty from the market. And we'll share it with our friends.

I'll continue to shop at the thrift store, and try to purchase everything that we need, used (outside of food, house supplies, paper goods, and underwear.) This is said, of course, after a recent buying binge. 'Stock-up sales' at Old Navy are hard to resist. I repented today at the consignment store....the kids traded in their puzzles a few weeks ago. Finally!! I scored a great dinosaur one for them. Worth the wait.

From this day forward I commit to the earth a better life. Will you join me?

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  1. Beautifully said. Your thoughtful remarks about perfection vs. imperfection and understanding that life presents hardships and challenges as ways to make us stronger, more aware, and hopefully better people was particularly poignant. thanks for sharing, Mel.