Friday, March 11, 2011

Back for more?

Ok - I've said it before, I'll have to say it again. I love to blog but who has time. Not least not regularly. But - today is a good day so we'll embrace it...and write.

What's front & center on my mind this morning? Well, I just learned from the news of the earthquake in Japan. Whoa. My brain hasn't had enough coffee to think outside of myself, the only thing I can think of is this....damn. Calum's friend starting puking last night. Calum worked with this little guy in school yesterday. I wonder when the tsunami of vomit will start in the Levy house. Sorry people. Give me another hour and I'll start to worry and reflect for those in Japan...and worry for those in Hawaii and the West Coast. But for now, at 6:02am...I'm pretty much just waiting for the warning siren of the pukes. Maybe it'll miss us.

As I flip through the registry of thoughts that I call my brain...I look next at the piles of clothes on my floor. For those who have been to our house on any day, at any time, perhaps you've been privy to these piles of laundry. There's usually one, or two, or five. But today...these piles are of NEW clothes. We are so very lucky to have generous friends. They've been outfitting my boys and youngest girl since the phone call announcing their upcoming births... These friends call to say, 'we have a bag or two of clothes. how can we get them to you?' and after some coordination, Adam & I are given a wonderful gift....a fun hour or so of sorting through FOUR or FIVE bags of clothes and shoes, jackets, socks, etc etc. It's amazing. We're lucky to have such friends. We're very very lucky.

I need to get these clothes put away before the kids wake up - otherwise it'll turn into a trial-run for clothes shopping. Complete with the girls going into the closet to change and the boys rolling around on the floor out of boredom.

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