Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Good Life 3.20.13

the good life is about being grateful
  being present in the little things
remembering to breathe
seeing joy

i'm a quote kind of girl.
they are everywhere, in our home.
 my kids will have memories of quotes on the fridge,
on the mirrors,
on windows,
on the clothes washer,
in my car,
and in their lunch boxes.
 not in all these locations at the same time, but...
quotes are BIG, in these parts.
and this quote, this one, speaks especially clearly to me.
there is alot to parenting, and our lives, that are intangible.
  the best i can do is
hold the vision, trust the process.

my four
 ha! THESE four.
four blankets.
four different teas (must be to taste.)
four mugs.
four seats.
four sets of hands.
four sets of feet.
four needs.
four joys.
four gifts.
four dreamers.
these four.
my dreams, to the fourth power.

 what leprechauns do
in this house leprechauns live on sticks,
and are the cobblers to our beloved fairies.
these three popped-up in various places in the house,
throughout the week of St. Patrick's Day.
merry-makers, these little guys. 
i just smile looking at them.
something about their little hands on their hips...
as if to say, 'come on...what could go wrong?'
not that my four need any nudging;
 there's plenty of mischief, regardless of green clothes and gold buckles.

it's a good life. even with a late winter snow. a blustery first day of Spring.
a diagnosis of Strep after an entire night awake.
it's a good life BECAUSE of these things,
not in spite of them.
it's a good life in all the middle moments...
between the call to doctors and the trip to the pharmacy.
the bird-watching from the sofa, in the morning...
before the warmth of the bed-covers has dissipated from their young little bodies.
the good life lives in those moments between -
'please put down your toy before you spill your milk.'
'would you like some help cleaning up your milk?'  
it's a good life.

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