Monday, April 29, 2013

sketch of a mom

After reading a great post today from one of my favorite blogs - dear-mom-this-is-real-mom-sketch    - I took two minutes and walked around the house taking snapshots of what it REALLY looks like around here. It's Monday, today, but these pics could be any given hour, any given day.

 this is my 'real-mom-sketch'
a moment in time, 
showing my house for what it is, right now.
dirty dishes.
askewed science.
bathroom ruckus.
nightstand mayhem.
i could desscribe it this way...
a humming home, with
time enough for cleaning, and
happy children, with
joyful energy, living
imperfection at it's finest, and
vulnerability to the core.

i am trying, so desperately, to make time stand still -
not so they won't grow, and live, and learn, and leave, and be -
but so that i can just breath-in these moments, 
and live, and learn, and (eventually) leave...because i was able to