Friday, November 9, 2012


There's this wonderful blog I follow...written by a mother, a mother to many. She might homeschool? I'm not really sure. What I love about her is this...her perspective is refreshing. Her encouragement is spot-on. Only a mother knows how to encourage another mother - on that emotional, insecure, sometimes irrational, deeply in love with our children, just doing our best, level. Here's the link if you'd like to check her out -

Every Friday, Rachel writes and shares a post called '#fridayfaves. It seems to be a practice in finding the beauty and gratitude in the little things. I used to post similar snippets on my Facebook page but since our divorce is official (mine and Facebook,) I'll try to use my Friday posts in a similar way. This is awesome in a few ways (mostly selfish to me but if you like reading this blog, perhaps you'll enjoy it too!) First, it sets my writing/blogging as a priority. I love to write; it fills that little cup inside my soul labeled 'peace.' So - the more I can commit to writing, the better. Second, seeing the beauty in the little things just makes for a better world. It makes for a better afternoon, evening, overnight... Just like smiling is contagious, being in a place of gratitude is contagious. If you can see a situation, not for its hardship but for its gift, whew! Can you imagine the shift in thought? Change your thoughts, change your world...

So - here goes:

Friday is about being grateful
seeing the little things
remembering to breathe

finding joy

dear ella
i am trying so hard to follow your interests;
thank you , my sweet girl, for being patient.
your enthusiasm for all things creative is an inspiration and
i need to do more things on a whim, like my writing...
and sewing with you.

dear homemade chicken soup
  even in the dregs of the batch,
you are divine and helping my body heal.
clean eating - farm to table -
doesn't get much more basic than you.

dear growing bodies
keep up the good work! and though
my back continually protests the changing 
weight of the children, please  don't slow down. 
there is no clearer sign of health than
a child sprouting out of her clothes.

dear mid-day dishes
through trial & error we've come 
to an understanding -
i keep the mess to an organized minimum,
and you continually remind me that
dirty dishes show the wealth of my day. 
a sink full of dishes means i was home,
with my children,
with enough food to feed them,
and sharing their day.

dear laundry
no matter how quickly you multiply,
i will always look at you as a blessing.
for it is you that i get to tug over my children's heads, 
while i steal a kiss on their cheeks.
it's your softness that i tuck underneath their chins at night,
and rely on to keep them warm when i'm not close.
how lucky am i to have enough towels, sheets, socks, blankets,
tshirts, pants, and incidentals to provide for my crew.
and oh how i love my favorite sweatshirt.
we ALL have one of those, right?

dear coffee supplies
i'm a mother to four young kids, 
first year homeschooler,
potty-trainer to twins...
i am forever grateful!


  1. This post was GREAT! I love your writing. very very poetic! And great photos. Awesome. I'm so glad I picked yours to read from the linkup!

  2. Thanks, @Aprille! I'm really glad you liked it!

  3. I love reading your posts Mel, mostly on the bus on my way home from work. They really lift my spirits. Keep it up. Love to all, Sam.