Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hurricanes and Halloween

It's been a busy few weeks over here. In actuality, it feels like we've been in a time warp. Ten days ago we were preparing for Hurricane Sandy, tying things down outside and getting schooled on how to use a generator. Adam always heads to work during any major weather event, leaving me to prove to my children that I, too, can manage keeping the house in one piece and the natives safe. Thankfully, I didn't need that generator. We never lost power. Simply amazing.

What we did lose, easily, was a week in time. On the heels of Sandy, Halloween arrived. On the heels of Halloween, mommy gets toppled by Vicki Virus! Some heavy-duty funk moved its way through this body and I am only now (Tuesday, Nov. 6) getting back into the swing of things. Since Adam has been working so much with storm cleanup and election prep, my mom came out to help and stayed, STAYED! for days. Thanks, Mom! I promise to pay it forward at some point!! I've been able to rest and closely monitor the progression of this illness. Life sorda stops when Mommy gets sick. I could spend a college semester researching the dynamics that interplay in a house when the stay-at-home parents falls ill. It's really no fun for anyone.

So, in an effort to remember what the last ten days looked like, here is our week in review. Enjoy. And go wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough, and drink some hot tea!

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