Friday, November 16, 2012


Friday is about being grateful
seeing the little things
remembering to breathe
finding joy


dear homeschooling
i never intended to know you 
yet now can't imagine life without you.
thank you for giving me the permission
to celebrate these children, 
and protect their childhoods -
as these years are fleeting, 
and i don't plan on regretting them.

dear farm-fresh milk
i waited on you for two years.
your rich, cold, delicious cream swirls
in my morning coffee,
and freezes into a velvety delight.
we thank the Jerseys each week,
as we pass them, milking in the shed.
my children WILL know from where their food derives.


dear independence
what a tangled web you weave.
you're exactly what a mother yearns for, yet fears.
if i knew it would be the last time my child would crawl into bed with me, 
i would savor the moment - wrap my body around him, 
stay awake,
listen to him breath,
smell his hair.
we are often unaware of these 'lasts...'
but creating opportunities for autonomy -
responsibility -
this is what a parent does.
even if it's just something little, 
like putting the kid dishes, at kid height.

dear oliver & drew
my twins.
my surprises.
my 'cherries on top.' 
my babies.
my middle and last.
my 'badge of honor.' 
my best example of what a healthy body can do.
my 6lb & 7lb, healthy, to-term multiples.
my forgiveness.
thank you for choosing me (us),
i hope to not let you down.

dear colors 
oh how i love you so.
you are everywhere - the colors of my world.
whether its your markers sprawled across my floor,
or your socks mismatched on the feet of my kids,
i so love seeing these colors - bold, bright, happy.
now...if i could just be ignorant to  the amount of chemical required
to make the colors of this fantastic
jellybean salad...

dear uprooted tree
actually...dear mother-nature would be a better beginning...
nonetheless -
dear uprooted tree,
thank you for catching our attention. 
your hand-hold roots
your smooth, long pieces of shale
your cracks & crevices
your newly designed habitat for critters of the small sort
all of you -
from deep in the earth to the highest roots high above -
all of you created this wonderful awareness for my Calum.
quiet in his exploration. confident in his climbing.
what a joy to watch this boy, in your element.  



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