Friday, February 15, 2013

#fridayfaves 2.15.13

friday is about being grateful
  being present in the little things
remembering to breathe
seeing joy

it's overcast this afternoon after a morning of sun and mild'ish temps.
mother nature is easing out of winter, showing some interest in Spring...
this afternoon, though, calls for stove-top popped corn, 
leftover valentine cookies, 
a blanket 'bombed' family room,
hot coffee and hot chocolate. 
a snuggly & warm end to a
snuggly & warm week.

in motion
this child has determination.
this child has strength.
this child has limited fear when it comes to her physical abilities.
this child can flip, and flip back, and flip again.
this child does this in the grocery aisles 
(which requires this mother to plan shopping trips during off-peak hours.)
this child. 
 this one.    
these children can smell a thaw.
and on this day, it was warm.
the ground was wet, but warm.
shoes were off. socks were lost. 
they sat on their respective towels and dreamed of summer.
they planned the pool lay-out.
they discussed fire-flies, bats, frogs and eating dinner outside.
we had Spring for six hours, on this day,
and these kids LIVED every minute of it. 

true statement - i don't actually 'remember' anything about this song.
why is it making my list?
here's why -
i'm all about family...
there are some 'brothers' in this family...
and if i drank, i'd drink moonshine.
that's all i can really say, since i don't really remember this song.
but...for whatever reason,
on this day,
at 1:34 in the afternoon,
i stopped,
walked to the ipad, 
and took a screen shot.
it must have been good.

my own secret
i can't quite articulate why i find this picture so telling.
i'll try. here goes -
i love that they took twister outside to play.
i love that my oldest is in the middle - like she is the center of the universe, with an audience.
i love that my youngest boy is in his pj's still, and bare-footed.
i love that my youngest girl has a handled cup - holding it as if it's coffee.
and you may not be able to tell,
but i'm pretty sure the coffee-drinker is running the show.
it's just how it is around here.
the secrets that a mother knows, 
by just a random picture.
i may just be the luckiest person ever, to know these people.
luckiest. ever. 

touching the sky
here's this child. again.
upside down.
about to launch.
upside down.
about to launch.
for the record,
she did a running front-flip,
landed on her feet,
with a smile on her face,
to the cheers of her people.
and the relief of her mother.
this child has launched.

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