Friday, February 1, 2013


Friday is about being grateful
seeing the little things
remembering to breathe
finding joy

we started the week with snow, then had a taste of Spring, 
and ended our week with...snow.
no matter - i pay little attention to the weather. 
i'd rather just enjoy what mother nature has to offer me. 
it's the little things...

dear loves
these moments are fleeting.
THESE moments are precious. 
these moments of you filling my chairs with your strong, vibrant bodies;
these moments of your voices filling the air.    
these moments are my heart's song. 
the muse to my growth.
the answer to my being.
thank you.  
 dear mother earth
it begins with you, 
and it ends with you.
i find myself secure in your sacred cycle.
my religion = your bounty.
i am forever grateful for your love.  

dear sprite (and not the drink...)
you, my love, are the real deal.
honest. honorable. emotional. so brave. so open.
you set me on a path,
and i will never be able to explain its magnitude.
i honor you - for choosing me. 
i am so proud of you.
and this image of you explodes my heart, 
into a million little pieces of love.    
every cell in my body is smiling. 

dear rain, and resulting mud
i've always welcomed the rain.
i've never said no to the mud.
rephrase - i've never 'committed' to the no - in reference to the mud.
WHY would i deny the mud?
these are memories in the making. 
 and i like making them. 

dear Winter
you're here. 
you're pretty.
you call for hot cocoa and pajama days.
   you've been good to us.
thank you for the season of hibernation,
of introspection,
of rest & recuperation. 
  and oh how i love my house sweaters - so comfy, so ugly, so warm.

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