Friday, February 8, 2013

#fridayfaves 2.8.13

Friday is about being grateful
seeing the little things
remembering to breathe
finding joy

it's been a busy week but without that overwhelmed feeling of too much, too little, quick-quick-quick! this is the part of our life that i love. we control the schedule! maybe this encourages a hermit's life but for us, it encourages harmony, and healthy control, and health - both physical and mental! by taking it slower, choosing quality over quantity, we stay in rhythm
i am so grateful to BE among the rhythm of my family. 

this was our first year celebrating the festival of imbolc
the halfway point between winter solstice & spring equinox.
i love ritual, and ceremony, and the kids love fire was a natural fit.
  i love that my children are learning new traditions,
all the while fueling my spirit.

signs of spring 
this tiny clay flower adorned my kitchen table this week.
out of scraps, and chaos, and turbulent moments, 
beauty & creation, color & life - PREVAILS!
just like the blooms in spring. 
notice the lady bug on the petal. 
i may never part with this.

signs of another kind
my calum.
my first son. 
my heart, in form.
he is taller every day.
strong. emotional. a force.
and he does the dishes...
his father - incarnate.   

we can't hold our rhythm without time.
time to be. 
time to serve.
i am eternally grateful for time - 
time to love, to nurture, to nourish, to learn, 
to be WITH my life, and my family!
and a little extra time to make sweet little strawberry hearts for the lunchbox. 

 the love of sisters.
the love of glue, and scissors, and construction paper.
the love of creating. 
the love of giving.
the love of sharing...of oneself,
to those we love.

5 facts
a fun exercise in learning the unsaid -
a few facts about me, as answered recently...
1.  sometimes, most times, the sunrise makes me speechless.
2. i happen to believe in fairies, and most things curious in nature.
3. the full moon makes me giddy.
4. i love a good quote. words can change your life.
5. three must-haves...a firepit, a favorite coffee mug, and my family.



  1. How cute do they look in that last picture all huddled together.

    I always wanted a sister so I could imagine how special that bond is.

    1. Thanks, Mandy. I grew-up with a brother so I'm learning the sanctity of this bond through my girls. It is so interesting watching them - and seeing how they both need one another.